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Community Care

Throughout my life, I’ve found the most joy in serving my community. Whether it’s at school, through dance, or even in neighboring cities, I find opportunities to utilize my skills to assist wherever I can. As Marketing Director and Sugarland Branch Co-President of the Music of Harmony Non-Profit Organization, I perform and lead events at nursing homes across the greater Houston area every month. I’ve also organized numerous fundraisers to raise money for underprivileged children and families in Ukraine. Additionally, I interned with Stafford City Councilwoman, Alice Chen (we have the same name!), to help her become the first Asian-American woman to serve on the council. As the youth volunteer team leader under her wing, we have accomplished many goals that she promised to fulfill in her campaign, including the establishment of a Stafford STEM Magnet School and the donation of thousands of masks, PPE supplies, gift bags, and funds. I am so grateful to have amazing communities that are eager to open their arms to me and fuel my desire to help others!

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